Friday, February 19, 2010

hi all~

today is chor six~
morning sleep until 12pm O.O! damm sleepy punya weh..
ak tidor pukul 4am laa...!
den mom wake me up for brunch...
wake up le straight check my msn for sure..
sure u guys know y le lor... =3
den reply him le... get ready den go brunch~
eat till 2pm..
den go god's mom restaurant slack till 3pm...
den go home lor...
chat with him at msn and maple~~~~~~~~
but maple also afk de la...
den nite time.. another god mom come from sabah to meet me n my family...
but then.. i alrd asked vally and sueanne out..
so today nite is meeting vally aka my sunzi at maple and blueberryex(sueanne) aka my highskul junior~
this the picture sia...
we hang out at jusco cheras selatan.. at 1st tot wanna go for movie de.. but the reservation through booking sux!!! TGV SUX!
den we go for dinner at pizzzaaaaa hut!

our meal~


me + sueanne + vally

me and sueanne

sueanne and vally

me and vally

vally buy for me de^^ from langkawi tq

den we went home lerhs~ ^^

previously i did sell some valentines flower rite~
here is some of it~

then my new year heel...
the only heel i bought for new year O.O
that day went shopping with ivan den i go nose and bought this heels =3
kinda love it.. hehe...

beige heels~

and did bought something from watson! sibeh cute de!!!

lilo and stitch, mickey mouse, minnie mouse~ and most important! WINNIE THE POOH!

damm adorable i tell u!!!

ok ba~ nw alrd 2.39am...
and my dear de place was 5.38am... and he surely be a dead pig nw!

i miss you =3

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

­ok guys~ today is 17th February 2010..

3 main things that i nid to blog about..

The very 1st things I nid to blog bout is my blog link… from to

There is a reason and slowly u guys will find out… I doesn’t want to hurt anyone.. or anything..

And Im was thinking to buy a domain name rite nw… any idea and host can introduce me? Drop me a msg at my cbox~ thanks^^

So my domain name might be Woohooo! Really very excited…

Hope no1 would buy this domain name le hor… PLS! *PRAY HARD*!

That’s all for my blog link… and for those guy~ pls relink me…

^^ thanks ya…

It is weeee

Woots woots!!!

the 2nd things is my ahjie aka hou jiu mui birthday... casey ng koon leng~ aka mami!

She’s officially 21st today!!! woohoo... jie~ happy birthday la...

sry dint celebrate with you cuz i do think u wanna spend time with ur husband more =P

rite? hehe...

so jie... at here.. i wanna wish u happy birthday... all the best in this TIGER year... RAWR!

seriously jie good friends are hard to find. and it was a present that last forever. i did really treasure our friendship a lot...

thanks for being with me whenever i nid you... whenever i cry.. Thanks... you been done a really great job! im would like to say that im PROUD to have u as my jimui!

hereby, this is just for you =3

My Best Friend

Today I found a friend,

Who knew everything I felt.

She knew my every weakness,

And the problems I've been dealt.

She understood my wonders,

And listened to my dreams.

She listened to how I felt about life and love,

And knew what it all means.

Not once did she interrupt me,

Or tell me I was wrong.

She understood what I was going through,

And promised she'd stay long

I reached out to this friend

To show her that i care

To pull her close and let her know

How much I need her there

I went to hold her hand

To pull her a bit nearer

And realized that this perfect friend I found

Was nothing but my mirror.

jie... i will remember you for my rest or life... cuz u r really too gud to me... best sista ever

3rd things i would like to blog...

as you guys know... i mean my fb fren...

my relationship are nw state as in a relationship with Ivan Ho...

sound weird rite? hahas... cuz for u guys.. i was the lovely bird with tongjuns previously... and i do admit it.. yes i do.. whatever... its nt the point anymore...

what’s the reason of I letting go? Is that important to you? No rite.. but I’ll blog it out when I really think I wanna… so… be patient if euu really wanna know bout it… ha!

Ok! Bak to topic.. in a relationship with ivan ho aka my kor (wingsheng) bro!

At 1st its really sound kinda weird sia.. but longer to go.. I did realize this ivan ish seriously gud (dear.. did u kembang nw?) haha… but true la.. he was gud.. as me and him doesn’t have a lot of time to spend together.. because he need to go Sydney to study… FML! Ah… its nt the problem… I think it’s nt a big big deal ba? Whatever…

Here I would like to thanks to euu =3 for cheering me up whenever I was down.. be with me whenever I nid you too… he oways teasing me… bullying me… but it’s really fun.. some of my fren was asking me.. who is ivan? Why my relationship status are in a relation with him… so right here guys… now u all know alrd lor… stop guessing… hehe… satisfied? Dun whack me rl la.. hahaha… =P

Dear… I think u reading my blog post rite nw.. haha.. as u promised u will read it if I blog it! So here is it!

A simple msg for you…

Take gud care bout yourself oways… if anything happen.. pls tell me the truth.. no hidings any secret… hope u wont find an angmo girl at there ba… but still wanna warn you! DON’T YOU DARE TO FIND IT! hahaha…!! But if u do I can do ntg also.. =P as I told you… gotta join u at aussie by next year… if there have no problems with my result and other stuff… =3 so… euu do nid to pray hard for it hor…. As it… hoping time could pass faster… so u would bak to msia at year end =P hahas… (ps selfish`ing nw) hahaa… dear stay strong at aussie… ^.^V

Rite nw was 11.50pm… and he been on plane alrd for 1hour plus~ by tmr 9am plus he would reach the new world… facing those things that are unfamiliar with you… but remember.. I oways there for you *blush* haahahaha…

Miss and love you loads take gud care of yourself at there darling

Saturday, February 13, 2010

hello all ^^ ♥

today is the 1st day of chinese new year!!!
well.. today morning went to temple with parents sia...
go for praying..
den rush home cuz some1 will visiting marhs..
a popo purposely come and visit us.. and she was 80 years old ^^
she oways talk bout me n my marmie..
i know she love us =D
so mom did cook a meal for all of us...
so happy sia.. finally she cook a proper meal?
yea.. proper one..
people who know me.. den they know wad do i mean ba =P

inside the temple at tanyon ~

this the meal~!!

deep fried cauliflower... (ivan.. this is delicious you should try! =P)

taiwan sausage~ *thumb up*

one of the dishes ^^ yummie~ inside got abalone de hor... dun play play =P

at last but not least~
red wine =D

a random art piece done by me =3

at last but not least too ...

yours truly~

again~ happy CNY all my beloved frens, family and readers ^^
and.. happy valentines day too yea! hehe...

missing some1 rite nw... FML! haha...

as my sunnv asked me to blog bout her...
so joyce~ here's ur post.. =P
happy cny and valentines day.. hope u can found ur true loved one... =3

this my cute cute sunnv picture...

qulla aka joyce

will blog again soon ^^ see ya all~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

另一個天堂 - 王力宏 ft 張靚穎

你取代 前一秒我生命的空白

你的微笑 是一個暗號
我能解讀 那多美好
想永遠停在 這一秒


是你帶我找到 另一個天堂
我們懷抱裏的 這一個天堂
另一個夢想 有無限的快樂

相信你是我的 另一個天堂
因為你而存在 這一個天堂

因為你而存在 這一個天堂

我等待 下一刻再相遇的精彩
每天每天 越來越愛

是你轉到 同一個頻道
定位我的 幸福座標
能深愛著你 最重要


是你帶我找到 另一個天堂
我們懷抱裏的 這一個天堂
另一個夢想 有無限的快樂

相信你是我的 另一個天堂
因為你而存在 這一個天堂

recently i like this song a lot ^^

You have to replace the former second gaps in my life
Questions all of a sudden find an answer
No explanation is also understand that

Your smile is a cipher
I can interpret it more than OK
Little dream
Would like to always stop at the second

You for my world

You took me to find another Heaven
The more beautiful than imagined
We embrace this a paradise
Another dream of infinite joy

I believe you are my Another Heaven
To how pure love
Because of you there is such a paradise
Love is the direct route

Because of you there is such a paradise
Just want to accompany you around

I am waiting for the next exciting moment and then meet
Every day more and more love every day
It's that simple logic

Is that you go to the same channel
Location coordinates of my happiness
Me tiny
Most important thing you can be loved

Wanted to Nai tomorrow
Carefully read

You took me to find another Heaven
More beautiful than imagined
We embrace this a paradise
Another dream of infinite joy

I believe you are my Another Heaven
To how pure love
Because of you there is such a paradise
Love is the direct route

this the translation ba? mayb.. but the song was on my blog~
enjoy guys ^^ <3 all

Monday, February 8, 2010


VALENTINE'S are at the corner~!!

someone reminded and find me at facebook that i was doing business 3 years ago..
and i wanted to do it again yea...

so its valentine's.. =D
im selling handmade flowers + chocolates...
100% totally handmade
here are some pictures ba...
im only doing for those special orders...

i did sell for few types.. and mayb u can special request to me...

Flowers are cherished for its innocent beauty and sweet fragrances. Flowers are traditionally associated with love and romance. Flower has a message to communicate. This lends your Valentine chocolates flower bouquet a special meaning and significance. So this year take advantage of Valentine chocolates flower meanings and use flowers to convey your love message.

11th chocolates flowers

chocolates flower + lollipop

chocolates flower + a bear (would have others bear cause this is already out of stock)

its contain of 11th chocolates roses
prices are from RM85 - RM125
teddy bears are excluded =3
for those regular customer.. give me a call and i'll give u a best price...

call me at 0163332069 or mail me at
guys pls take notes.. i'll charge for COD.. and its depends on which area u guys are asking for..
i will have some special handmade cards for you guys.. its only for early birds...
mayb can drop me a comment on my chat box~! =D

p/s: you can actually request to me change the ferrero rocher to somethings else.. but the price are slightly different.. depends on the stuff that you been requested. =3

and i did selling for even 1 or 3 piece of the chocolates roses...
1chocolates rose (only you) for RM 10 only
3chocolates roses (i love you) for RM28 only

guys! what are u waiting for?!
order from me!! =D

hii dear

today i did saw someone post some notes at facebook.. and its kinda touching sia...
would like to share with u guys.. but her post was in chinese version...

















this is in chinese version...

One day, you call my phone number, voice to tell you I've shut down. You will not be sorry?

One day, your cell phone is no longer frequently sounded, you will not be kept waiting?

One day, your e-mail inbox, there were no more pitiful and said, How are you? Do you have a good meal, there is no good care of yourself. You will not stop looking forward to?

One day, no night or day, whether someone is sitting beside the computer waiting for you on the line, waiting can call you, you will not be lost?

If you are really into that kind of day, I still hope you have a little bit sad, a little bit lost, a little bit like me, just a little bit about my memories like, really just a little bit like.

One day, you open the computer, I always head into the gray, do not say I did not fulfill its pledges, it was I felt tired, tired, and also really injured.

One day, your life without me, please remember that I told you good; I tolerance. You have to remember that although we all corners of the earth, but we braved the head with a blue sky.

One day, your memory is not me, do not forget we were together every minute, do not forget what I like, hate what.

In any case I will never forget any of the pieces about your memory, you get used to anything, what is objectionable.

Feelings in the world, there is no "fair" word, I do not mind this, we have time together would be the most beautiful of my life memories.

I would also like you remember what I promised, promised me anything.
If one day, you sigh, when I am not going to comfort you,

You are sad we will no longer accompany you with sadness, broken-hearted with you will no longer Qupei heartbreaking.

That is I really desperate, really sad, really tired.

Because there are too many, I is loaded, always pretend does not matter, but I really do not care? And you? Will care about all I do?

But I will be very self-reproach, would hate myself, because I did not abide by a commitment to people. I understand that, in fact all my fault, I should not have appeared in your life, I just love you to do a quiet person who quietly wait for you silently think you people. However, I have shown all these out. You know, clearly, to understand, and eventually moved yet?

Is it waiting for me to leave, you only touched?

this were in english version...

seriously.. it was true... =3

tomorrow would be the last day for us to be with jacky...
seriously did learn alot from him.. he was cool man!
kinda sad... =( i love his class a lot.. now i really feel empty for the whole end sems..
now was extra class.. but doesnt really like the feel..
no more stress for this CNY.. was great.. but dun use to it.. cuz we use to have a lot of assignment.. dint sleep for few days....
while sleeping was sudden shock awake..
and more n more!
i love my life...
i love who i am now.. who im with now.. with no regrets...
treasure whoever was treating me very gud.. for those ppl who back stab me.. nvm is okays..
since it was a new year.. i forgive all of u.. ^^ god bless ya.. ♥

and an earlier new year wishes to all my bloggie reader... =3
get more angpau k... =3
will update my assessment things asap...

stay tunes...

p/s: i miss n love you =3 take care baby... ♥

Friday, February 5, 2010

ellox all maplers and frens..^^1

a very 1st post bout us...
our love been started since 020210 hearts ♥
baby dear... hope that we could last long yea... =3

cheers ♥